Introduction for the Workshop section

The workshops are training processes conducted by each of the partner organizations during the international exchange sessions. Each organization will provide sessions on intercultural leadership, human rights, interculturality and our CESI methodology. 

In this section you will be able to access each of the sessions openly and free of charge. 

Workshop: Interculturality & Communication

The workshop conducted by BEECOM (Italy) had the objective of sharing technological strategies to connect citizen experiences and promote intercultural dialogue. The use of technologies is a fundamental strategy for the promotion of intercultural citizenship.

Workshop: Human Rights and Interculturality

The workshop conducted by ASONEDH (Perú) had the objective of promoting a space for dialogue on the perceptions of interculturality in diverse groups. Different visions of human rights and social inclusion were experienced.

Workshop: Youth Participation

The workshop conducted by DA&DA (Martinique) was aimed at promoting and motivating youth participation. Its activities sought to create a space for exchange and connections between diverse groups in order to socialize the need for youth involvement and activism.

Workshop: SECI Method

The workshop conducted by CEP(Uruguay) aims to introduce the CESI methodology, a work strategy that promotes learning through the experiences and knowledge that communities and individuals have. 

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