Associazione di Promozione Sociale Beecom - Italy

Beecom was born in 2009 in Borgo San Lorenzo, in the rural area of Mugello (Florence, Italy). It has been created by video-making and journalism professionals with the aim to help and support associations, institutions and organizations from the non-profit sector in promoting and communicating their activities. Through the years Beecom has developed new skills and competences in the field of education, and it has already developed many youth projects in several different fields such as media education, intercultural dialogue, inclusion, human rights, women empowerment, in cooperation with local, national and European actors. Beecom has also previous experience and a strong commitment to social and human rights.

D'antilles et D'Ailleurs - France

D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs (DA&DA) is an organization that works for the promotion of an active participation in the civil society, especially of women and young people with fewer opportunities. We promote diversity, equality and social inclusion though 4 axes:

  1. Training: by organizing conferences, seminars, trainings and intercultural meetings concerning citizenship, entrepreneurship, access to social rights and the active participation of disadvantaged groups.
  2. Supporting mobility and employment: by implementing initiatives of prevention, information and non-formal education activities boosting access to mobility and professional inclusion of people with fewer opportunities
  3. Raising awareness: by developing partnerships with associations and public institutions in order to implement actions of information/awareness and fight against discriminations.
  4. Cooperation: by supporting and developing initiatives of cooperation, development and capacity building of the disadvantaged communities and groups, promoting peace, human rights and equity.

Association Negra de Defensa y Promoción de los derechos humano - Peru

Founded in 1990, Asonedh is an NGO created to defend and promote the human rights of the afro-descendant communities with fewer opportunities in Peru. It creates spaces for dialogue and coordinates thematic activities linked to identity, culture, leadership, human rights, gender, political participation and social entrepreneurship for young people in situations of vulnerability and discrimination. Among the objectives are:

  • Promote human development of people of African descent with fewer opportunities through institutional work, active citizenship, non-formal and participatory education, as pillars of social inclusion in the democratic system.
  • Promote, disseminate and manage projects aimed at strengthening cultural diversity, respecting local identity and the values of the community and its organizations.

Centro de Estudios de Paysandu - Uruguay

Founded in 2005, the CEP Association is created to develop studies and research, create spaces for dialogue and coordinate thematic talks linked to public, business and social policies. Promote the human development of people through institutional work, active citizenship, non-formal and participatory education, as pillars of the democratic system. Promote and contribute to the balanced and sustainable development of Paysandú articulating efforts in the field.

Promote, disseminate and manage projects aimed at strengthening and diversify the local structure, respecting the environment identity and values of the community and its organizations. Is member of the Productive Development Agency of Paysandú. Acts as an umbrella organization, articulates with private and public organizations favoring local and territorial development, offers opportunities to discover the international environment, intercultural learning and dialogue, raising awareness on migration, promotion non-formal education in order to increase skills and employability of Young people and Youth Workers and promotion of international volunteering activities.

Sedarvp Ghana - Ghana

SEDARVP GHANA stands for Social Education development and Rural Volunteers program. The Organization was founded in 2008 and obtains its Social welfare Status as a nonprofit organization on Feb in 2018. As an organization, we run all our activities and projects through the support of both local and International volunteers. SEDARVP-Ghana mission is to empower youngsters through quality education, social justice and civic education, tackle environmental challenges through volunteerism by using non-formal education, forum theatre, entrepreneurship initiatives, arts and music for the betterment of local communities and humanity in general.

Currently, we have Women Empowerment projects through which the organization trains women and young people in entrepreneurial initiatives such as shea butter extraction, soap making, making of batik tie and dye clothing, local fabric (fugu) weaving, and, other self-help activities. The organization supports beneficiaries who successfully go through the training programmes, with some amount of start-up capitals to enable them start their own business, so as to earn incomes and livelihoods to support themselves and their families.

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